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How To Use the Combell DNS Plugin

Combell NV is a hosting provider based in Belgium. Besides offering hosting solutions, Combell NV is an ICANN Accredited Registrar under IANA number 1467.

This plugin works with the Combell DNS provider by using the Combell Reseller API.


The Combell Reseller API (also referred to as the Combell API), is only available for reseller accounts, which are more expensive than normal accounts. A free trial is available - see reseller hosting for more information. |

The remainder of this document assumes you have a reseller account and have created the DNS domain zone(s) you'll be working with.


The Combell API can be activated for any administrator in the Combell reseller account.

To add administrators, navigate to Dashboard / Settings / Administrators, and click the Invite administrator button to add an administrator.

Click the Permissions button next to an administrator's name, and ensure the administrator's permssions is configured as All rights ("User has access to all the products in this customer account").

Next, navigate to Dashboard / Settings / API / Users and activate the API key for the required administrator(s): - Click the API key button next to the administrator's user name; - Click the Activate the API key button ("Activate an API key for this user.");

The API key and API secret will now appear. You'll need them in the next section Using the Plugin.

IP address whitelisting

The Combell API can only be accessed from registered IP addresses.

Navigate to Dashboard / Settings / API / IP restrictions and add your public IP address(es) to the whitelist.

Using the Plugin

The API Key and Secret and used with the CombellApiKey and CombellApiSecret parameters as SecureString values. Using SecureString ensures the values are saved to disk in encrypted form by Posh-ACME for later renewals.

$pArgs = @{
    CombellApiKey = (Read-Host "Combell API key" -AsSecureString)
    CombellApiSecret = (Read-Host "Combell API secret" -AsSecureString)
New-PACertificate -Plugin Combell -PluginArgs $pArgs