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How To Use the NameCom DNS Plugin

This plugin works against the domain registrar and DNS provider. It is assumed that you have already setup an account and purchased domain you will be working against. You must also be using's own DNS hosting.


First, go to the Account API Settings page and create a new API token for your account. Make a note of both the token value and the username associated with the token. If the username is blank immediately following the token creation, try refreshing the page.

Using the Plugin

The username is used with the NameComUsername parameter and the token is used with the NameComTokenSecure SecureString parameter. If you are using's API testing environment, you'll also need to include NameComUseTestEnv=$true in your plugin arguments.


The NameComeToken parameter is deprecated and will be removed in the next major module version. If you are using it, please migrate to the Secure parameter set.

$pargs = @{
    NameComUsername = 'username'
    NameComTokenSecure = (Read-Host 'Token' -AsSecureString)
New-PACertificate -Plugin NameCom -PluginArgs $pargs