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How To Use the ZoneEdit Plugin

This plugin works against ZoneEdit. You should already have an account and created the DNS zone(s) you will be working against.


The plugin works using a variation on the standard Dynamic DNS service. Each domain you will be using the plugin with must have a Dynamic Authentication Token created for it.

  • Login to the Domains control panel
  • Open the DNS settings for the domain
  • Click the wrench icon in the DYN records section
  • At the bottom in the dynamic authentication section, click enable if is not already
  • Then click view to view the current token
  • Make a note of the token value and the domain it is associated with.

Using the Plugin

You will always provide your account username in the ZEUsername string parameter. If the names in your certificate are all part of the same domain, you will need to provide a PSCredential object to the ZEDynCredential parameter where the domain name is the username and the token is the password.

$domainToken = Read-Host '' -AsSecureString

$pArgs = @{
    ZEUsername = 'myuser'
    ZEDynCredential = [pscredential]::new('',$domainToken)
New-PACertificate '','' -Plugin ZoneEdit -PluginArgs $pArgs

If the names in your cert are part of different domains, you'll need to provide an array of PSCredential objects for each domain/token combination that the names cover.

$token1 = Read-Host '' -AsSecureString
$token2 = Read-Host '' -AsSecureString

$pArgs = @{
    ZEUsername = 'myuser'
    ZEDynCredential = @(
New-PACertificate '','' -Plugin ZoneEdit -PluginArgs $pArgs