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How To Use the DNSimple DNS Plugin

This plugin works against the DNSimple DNS provider. It is assumed that you have already setup an account and created the DNS zone(s) you will be working against.


The link above is an affiliate link which reduces my out of pocket cost to maintain this plugin. I'd be most grateful if you use it when signing up for a new account.


First, login to your account and then go to Account - API tokens and click New access token. After giving it a name, it will show you the token string. Be sure to save it as you can't look it up if you forget later. You can only generate a new one. Also, make sure it is an account token, not a user token.

Using the Plugin

With your token value, you'll need to set the DSToken SecureString parameter.


The DSTokenInsecure parameter is deprecated and will be removed in the next major module version. If you are using it, please migrate to the Secure parameter set.

$pArgs = @{
    DSToken = (Read-Host "DNSimple Token" -AsSecureString)
New-PACertificate -Plugin DNSimple -PluginArgs $pArgs