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How To Use the Constellix Plugin

This plugin works against the Constellix DNS provider. It is assumed that you already have an account and at least one managed zone already configured.


While you can use an account with the "Admin" role, it is not recommended for security reasons. Instead, you should create an account from the User Management Console with the "User" role and limit it to the DNS service on the account. Then, go to the DNS Users Console and modify the Domains permissions to include:

  • (Optional) New domain permissions on creation: Read/Write/Commit. If you leave this on None, you will need to manually give permissions to future domains when they are created.
  • Uncheck "Add Domains"
  • Uncheck "Delete Domains"
  • Read/Write/Commit on either "All Domains" or a selected subset of domains you will be using Posh-ACME with.

Now login to the management console as the user who will be using Posh-ACME and go to Edit My Info. Click the Generate API Keys button and record the values for "API Key" and "Secret Key". This is the only time they will be displayed.

Using the Plugin

The API key will used with the ConstellixKey parameter as a string value. The API secret will be used with the ConstellixSecret parameter as a SecureString value.

$pArgs = @{
    ConstellixKey = 'xxxxxxxxxxxx'
    ConstellixSecret = (Read-Host 'API Secret' -AsSecureString)
New-PACertificate -Plugin Constellix -PluginArgs $pArgs