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How To Use the DNSPod DNS Plugin

This plugin works against the DNSPod provider. It is assumed that you have already setup an account and created the domain you will be working against.


As of November 13, 2020, DNSPod was integrated with Tencent Cloud and slightly changed how their API works. Instead of authenticating with your normal website login credentials, you must create an API token to use instead.

Login to the console and go to the Key Management section. Create a new key and make a note of its ID and Token values.

Using the Plugin

The API key ID is used with the DNSPodKeyId string parameter. The key token is used with DNSPodKeyToken as a SecureString.


The DNSPodKeyTokenInsecure parameter is deprecated and will be removed in the next major module version. If you are using it, please migrate to the Secure parameter set.

There is also a DNSPodApiRoot optional parameter that defaults to the API root for If you are using, you may specify instead for this parameter.

$pArgs = @{
    DNSPodKeyID = '111'
    DNSPodKeyToken = (Read-Host 'Enter Token' -AsSecureString)
New-PACertificate -Plugin DNSPod -PluginArgs $pArgs