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How To Use the NameSilo DNS Plugin

This plugin works against the NameSilo domain registrar. It is assumed that you have already setup an account and created the DNS zone(s) you will be working against.


For authentication against the NameSilo API, an API key is required. Open the api manager page to generate the key. Read the note and understand that you can only retrieve the generated key once. If you have previously generated a key, use that one, otherwise by generating a new key you will invalidate the old key. Accept the API terms of use and click generate. Save the generated key in a secure location.

Using the Plugin

The API key is used with the NameSiloKey SecureString parameter. NameSilo only updates DNS records every 15 minutes. So you should also provide a -DnsSleep parameter of 900 or more.


The NameSiloKeyInsecure parameter is deprecated and will be removed in the next major module version. If you are using it, please migrate to the Secure parameter set.

$pArgs = @{
    NameSiloKey = (Read-Host "NameSilo Key" -AsSecureString)
New-PACertificate -Plugin NameSilo -PluginArgs $pArgs -DnsSleep 900